Photoshop Lesson 1

This was my first lesson using Photoshop. I have used it in the past but never really got to grips with it. We started off by importing an image from the internet and getting used to  layering images with texts and how to manipulate its style and colouring. I like the idea of using found images to create a new piece of artwork in a collage type of way. I would really like to experiment with using collage and layering images, a bit like in these album covers, as an aesthetic in music – especially for part of my Music and Visual Media Module. album cover

 Early Day Miners: The Treatment                 Sebastien Schuller: Evenfall

The images that have been chosen work really well with each other as the tones of the colours compliment each other quite well. I think it is important to chose the right images, particularly for an album cover, to relate to the musician and the music and also the meaning of the album as a whole.


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