Composition: Structuring Images – lecture notes


The word composition combing or putting together parts to form a whole. Composition can apply to make works of human endeavor including music and writing – in fact anything that is arranged or ‘put together’ using conscious thought.

the rules and conventions of composition are:

  • Rule of Thirds- Divide the image into thirds, if the main components of the image lie on the lines then the image often tends to look ‘right’. Sometimes an image doesn’t follow the rule exactly but the main visual components are close to the third bisectors.
  • Rule of Even and Odds – An even number of things in an images can sometimes create a slightly ‘unnatural’ look. While an odd number of things can often create a feeling of harmony or balance. It gives the image a more ‘natural’ feel to it than an even number does.
  • Rule of Triangles – Triangles, with 3 sides, tend to form stable, solid looking compositions.
  • Space
  • Simplification
  • Symmetry
  • Pattern and Repetition

With this is mind, my next task for my Music and Visual Media module is to find 4 images that reference some of these elements.



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