This is an installation that my group and I did for our step across the border module. We used a small dark room and played with the idea of claustrophobia and being confined in a small space. A couple of us recorded sounds from the inside of a piano, bass guitar, feedback and random scrapping/tapping sounds we made from objects that were around the studio i.e. creaking tables, radiators..etc, this was inspired by the improvisation sessions we had in this module. We set up 3 speakers around the room, one by the television and two above the door, so that when you walk in you are instantly surrounded and confined in sound and close walls.

We wanted the music to evoke an uneasy response from the audience, making them feel uncomfortable and confined in the small black room. The tv was on static, with white noise inside installationplaying from the speakers of the television. It was there so that the viewer had something to look at and also was used to light the room up slightly so that you could see some of the bare walls and electric wiring.

This is a photograph of the room with the door fully open. We first started off by only letting 2 people into the installation at a time, but then we changed it to as many people as possible. I think that this worked better as members of the audience could get a full sense of claustrophobia the more cramped it became.

If we were to show this installation again I think that we would make a few changes. firstly, I think that the music could be quite minimal. I quite liked the use of the recorded feedback weaving in and out of the piano part. Although the Bass was there to shock to audience, I think that either we should have not put it in and just had the weird etching sounds of the piano and the feedback or it could have blended in a lot more. I think that it overpowered the rest of what was going on in the recordings. We did have a recorded violin part but we didn’t put it in as we felt that the track didn’t need it but I think that we could have experimented with it a lot more, making the whole track a bit more minimal with some interesting violin sounds. But saying this I did think that it worked quite well and that we got the response from the audience that we wanted. Secondly I think either we could have more screens all on static but they all turn on and off randomly or just have no screen at all and just be in complete darkness.

I thought this was quite a fun project to work on and would definitely like to do something like this in the future.


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