Releasing and Promoting Music

I haven’t released much music as I consider a lot of my music not be at a standard that I would like it. I’ve only just started putting music onto Sound Cloud since I’ve gone to university. At the Moment I am only using Sound Cloud and YouTube, as they are easily accessible, social, free sites to work on.

By allowing me to connect my Sound Cloud to my Twitter and Facebook I can promote my music quickly and freely to a larger audience, so when I post music up on Sound Cloud I am able to get feedback from other musicians not just my friends. Joining groups on Sound Cloud lets me get feedback from musicians who are at different stages of progress, both musically and professionally, and who have similar interests. Thinking my music isn’t good enough to be posted publicly is a problem as this stops me from promoting myself as a musician and also getting feedback of my work.

As I hope to develop my music skills in writing music for film, YouTube is a really easy way upload videos and get instant feedback. Whether it is still image or moving image there are always musicians and artist out there that want to give feedback. Again this has only become recent thing I’ve started doing since I’ve begun university.

I have not as yet released any music of my own to gain a profit but have been involved in playing for a band called Assassins of Sound who have been promoting their music on ITunes for a few years.  Their Sound Cloud page, Assassins Cloud, is experimenting using collaborative creativity. Encouraging remixes of their music and being able to upload, download anything to and from their page. Facebook, getting airplay on the radio and releasing CD’s are also a large part of promoting themselves to hopefully expand their audience.

In the future I would like to be more confident with the music I am creating to release it and to start promoting myself properly as a musician.


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