Views on copyright and the rights of musicians.

Today, there are so many different laws within copyright – for books, film, music and the internet. Sometimes it is hard to establish who own the music – the artist or the record label. The basic breakdown of it is: When a musician writes down a song, by law, the musician owns the right to that song. Once it is recorded it is the person who felicitates the recording who owns the rights to the recorded version. They are then allowed to exploit the recording, selling it to a record label. The money is then split – not always evenly – between the musician, producer and record label.

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that, with the free copyright licenses they give, ‘provides a simple, standardized way to give the public permission to share and use your creative work — on conditions of your choice’. A Creative Commons license (CC) enables you to share your music, art, photographs, books etc under these free copyright licenses.

Sharing can generate money but it doesn’t bring in a larger income than if you were signed by a label. In fairness we need both of the sharing and copyright to keep a balance in the music industry. But we do need these copyright laws so that musicians get paid. The laws could be updated because of things such as the internet and the simple fact that the current copyright laws don’t give musicians an even cut from their own creativity.




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