Emergent Technologies – Working With Max MSP and Arduino

For the last couple of weeks in the Emergent Tech module we have been recapping over some Max MSP stuff and then looking at starting to use Arduino.

We went through making some simple patches including how to load in and play a sound/loop then using arduino to trigger a sound by a button or a POTOMETER. With the bread board connect things up.  (plus some other things). I quite liked using all the arduino stuff and I think it could be something I could get into but as I’m not that great at the techy/electronics stuff I find it a bit of a struggle. Looking at the patches I can understand how it works and how it is all connected but there are somethings I can’t get my head round. Other than this I think I really would like to use arduino in the future.

I’ve been trying to think of something I would like to do for my final project at the end of this module. I think I am going to investigate and do some research on sound installations maybe with something visual to go with it.


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