New song – a work in progress

So this is one of my first singer-songwriter type songs that I’ve ever written. Its a work in progress, just trying to find my own sound at the moment but feedback would be great. Its not that well recorded but i hope you get the gist of it. I’ve been playing the ukulele none stop for about 2 weeks, so this got me thinking about song writing. check out some of my other compositions on Sound Cloud. There is a bit of a mix but I hope you like some of it.




  1. Hi Jess,

    I like the feel and delivery of the song. The chorus is nicely set up with two sections peaking in the “take me home” line.

    It is difficult to hear what your verses are about so I can’t really comment on the verse lyric however, the melody flows nicely and I enjoy some of the phrasing.

    Hope this feedback is useful.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your feedback! yeah I have re-recorded the lyrics so you can hear them better in the verse. I’ve also added another ukulele part and harmonies which I think makes it bit more solid as a whole. I’ll put it up once I’ve finished it.

      Thanks again!

      1. I look forward to hearing your harmonies and any thoughts you might have on writing them.

        I’ll be posting some more of my own songs soon too. Feedback is appreciated. 🙂

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