ET4M -Brief 2

Brief 2 was to make a working patch in max msp using the already made maxuino patch.  We had to then use an arduino to physically control something.

I decided to use a light dependent resistor (LDR). I’ve been thinking that what I might do for my final project will incorporate something to do with sensors so I thought I’d  give it ago at using a simple one to start with.

All this does is simply allows you to change the frequency of the sin wav depending how much light the resistor gets. Here is a short video of it working:


In all honesty I have no idea how this works but I think what I would do differently is add a button so that you could turn it on and off. I did attempt this but I couldn’t get it to work. It was probably something very simple that I couldn’t figure out. I think that I would have work more on how it looks – the aesthetics for it. Some other students used boxes for their controls but I think that the use for what they made was more suited to it being enclosed in something where it could not be damaged.

I have been looking at work by Mira Calix where she uses sensors to detect how far away an object/person is and depending how far away they are depends on the sound that is triggered. I think I’d like to explore using sensors so that when you walk past it a sound is triggered. This is something I need to do a bit more research on.


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