Mira Calix: ‘Nothing Is Set In Stone’

An interview with Mira Calix. She talks about how the idea came about and how this stone sculpture is a physical representation of a piece of music. She is an amazing artsit!


During the Summer Olympics, the Central Line, going straight through the heart of London, will be the tube line that will transport you to both frenetic and tranquil destinations. For the former, alight at Stratford, which is the stop for the Olympic Park; for the latter, alight at Fairlop, eight stops further east, for ‘Nothing Is Set In Stone’, an interactive stone and musical sculpture by composer and artist Mira Calix.
The monolithic installation of the South-African born artist is part of the London Festival 2012: ‘Secret: Hidden London’. The Mayor of London initiated a programme for exhibit during the Games to encourage the influx of visitors, who also have an interest in culture, to visit a series of cross-cultural events taking place in little-known spaces across London. Calix is the brain and driver of ‘Nothing Is Set In Stone’.She collaborated with many parties on the project…

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