Music Release Pitch

What I am going to release

For my final project I am going to release 2 songs. 1 of which will be the main song that I will promote along with a video, but both will have a joint piece of artwork to bring them together into one package. I have two songs written already and hopefully will be ready for recording in the next couple of weeks. The video and the artwork will all be collaborated with my sister and artist George Myers, the idea is to promote her work at the same time as she promotes mine. For my release date I am aiming for the 16th December.

Platform’s and Promotion techniques
Starting with Facebook, I will create my own page. This will be a place to get updates on my releases and work in progress. Facebook is also a where I have a main audience. Posting a piece of music on there a couple of weeks ago I found that this generated nearly 200 plays for my song.

Sound Cloud is an important tool for downloading music for free so this is where consumers will be able to download my songs. Also joining and posting the music I am releasing into groups on Sound Cloud will hopefully expand my Internet presence. This may also help me to develop and get across to a wider audience. This is the same with YouTube as it will be the main platform for the visual aspect of my release that will hopefully reach an audience.
The last platform I will use is Bandcamp as I have never used it before. It will be an experiment, I just want to see how it goes and how much promotion I can get from using it. The different areas I could potentially target that I wouldn’t get from Facebook, Sound Cloud or YouTube.

All Platforms will be connected together via my social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook with Instagram helping with the documentation of my process that will keep my social media sites busy and up to date. Along side this I will create a special page on my blog just for my releases and downloads. Although Facebook will also be doing this, the idea is to be able to find the free music downloads (via SoundCloud) along side the video and the artwork all in one place.

Target Audience
The audience that I am targeting will hopefully have a similar interest to me. Maybe listens to and consumes music by, or similar to the following artists: Kate Rusby – even though my music isn’t as traditionally folky like Kate Rusby I think that my music would fit into a ‘recommended’ section along side her. Some other musicians that I think are very connected and have also inspired me are Coco Rosie who have a really interesting vocal and music style that I think emulates more in my music than any of the other musicians I have mentioned. Laura Marling and Angus and Julia Stone are very acoustic and genuine.


A sample of my music I posted in another blog a couple of weeks ago. Here is the link:

‘Lost Without You’


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