Project Pitch – Sound Installation

For my project I want to create a sound installation.

Over the summer I went to a seminar in Bristol at Spike Island all about appropriating images and film. I’d like to incorporate that into my work with appropriated sound as well.

I have been reading quite a bit on feminism and looking at feminist art. Some of the artist I have been looking at include Judy Chicago, Cindy Sherman and Martha Rosler. What I keep thinking of is that even though it is 2013 it is crazy that there still can be firsts for women, I really want to work on this thought within an installation piece and to highlight the position of women in art and music

My initial idea is to use a corridor because it is enclosed and sort of intimate. At the end of the corridor there would be images or footage playing. Using sensors, whilst the viewer is walk down the corridor towards the visuals sounds will be set off. I like the idea of using space time, so the sounds will represent times in history that women have achieved. starting from infamous women composers to speeches and working its way up to the present day with Marin Aslop conducting the orchestra on the last night of the proms. This will juxtapose against the imagery of old adverts and stereotypes.

What I’d like for the installation to do is to immerse the viewer in sound and images to make them think about the past and present and maybe even guilt.

I think it would be appropriate for only 1 person to enter it at a time. This would make it more intimate. When walking down the corridor I want it to feel like you are walking through time, the evolution of equality but in the end there will always be this image that has been attached to women because of the past.

Women who set a standard in their own fields is the inspiration for the sounds I will use, some may have not have gotten the credit or even respect that they deserved.

Compositions, speeches – Margret Thatcher, Marie Curie’s acceptance speech, Janice Joplin, Emmeline Pankhurst.

Value Proposition

The need for this would be a gallery space

The approach would be to see what openings or free spaces there are in galleries

Benefits would be more people see your work – promotion

Competition –  others artist applying for the same exhibition and/or gallery space


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