Research and Ideas – Top 10 Sexist Commercials

Although I can admit to knowing nothing about the golden standard other than it is to do with economics and that I do love little kittens but then who these days doesn’t love a good cat video every now and then?!

I found this video searching up old commercials of the 1950’s for my research for my final project in the emergent tech module. It is interesting to see, when they have all been put into a montage, how very similar the messages and representations of women are and also the construction of the adverts. All these adverts are based around coffee, baking/cooking and driving. Starts with a story with the solution in the end usually concluding with what the women apparently needs. But looking at it from the 21st century they all seem hilariously naive, especially from after the war.

So these are some of the idea’s I currently have for my final installation using film/adverts.

Either there will be a montage of adverts like this, probably with out sound or just on a quiet volume. I hope that the fact that because there will be little sound from the adverts this would bring the other sounds to light. Kind of overriding what the visuals are saying and enlightening the accomplishments of women over history.

My other thought on the visuals is that would having one advert on repeat reinforce how this image still looms over women even when everything else happening around us.

This is something I need to work on; choosing what advert, how it will be displayed, what the audience will get from the visuals and how the sound will effect the message I want to convey.


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