Using Facebook as a Promotional Tool

Marketing on social networking sites is a modern tool that provides advertisers with the ability to target large audiences based on site users’ personal interests and what theirs friends like. Most businesses, musicians/bands/artist will have a Facebook page. This is because Facebook it is cost effective (free – as are a majority of social media sites) and is also one of the most popular social networking sites, up there with Twitter and blog sites such as Tumblr. It reaches out to audiences in nearly all countries with more than 500 million people active users and over of 50% active users accessing Facebook every day. Another reason why Facebook is popular for promoting and marketing is because it allows for geo-targeting which is helpful for musicians so that they can reach the correct audience. If the content is irrelevant to the follower you will lose followers.

Because of the viral nature of Facebook and social media in general, it also allows fans who voluntarily follow you to share and promote your page and news within their own network. This means that information can spread to a large audience fast.

Extra advertising is what Facebook make a large income in every year. Paying for extra promotion can benefit musicians by generating more revenue but it isn’t worth it unless that musician is generating enough income to gain a profit from it. But the fact that any artist or band who isn’t making that kind of money can create a page for free which makes it an easy and accessible source for promotion.

As well as being pretty easy to use, features like being able to connect from one social networking site such as Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, Pinterest, enables easy access between promoting on different social networking site. As promoting on these sites are very time consuming you only need to make one status and you can upload it to all your networks.


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