Work In Progress and Release Strategy

What and how I am going to release my music for my networking music module has changed a little bit. I will still be releasing an EP but my promotional strategy has changed. I am going to split it into two stages. On the 16th of December is going to be my pre-release date. On that day I will release 1 songs for free download and a teaser video. This stage of the release phase is to give the audience a taster of what I will be releasing the following week. The official release date will be the following Monday- the 23rd December where I will release the rest of the songs on the EP – this is now going to consist of 4 songs instead of just 2. The songs will be able to be downloaded for free also via SoundCloud and Bandcamp also with the official video and artwork.

I have chosen to do it like this because I think it is a good strategy to get more engagement with the audience and also to hopefully generate more downloads and hits on my Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter and Youtube sites. Although Ideally I would like to have the pre-release at least a couple of weeks before the official release date but I don’t think the songs will be ready in time as well as the artwork and video. But as a promotional strategy I think it will work well because of the seasonal time of year. The date of the official release is the day before Christmas so my thoughts are that over the next couple of days after my EP release I should be getting quite a few views, plays and/or downloads.

Below is a sample of a work in progress piece that will be released in the pre-release stage along side a teaser video.


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