Promoting Music With SoundCloud

SoundCloud is used by most musicians – from amateur to full time. Because it utilizes all possible tags and other data fields when you upload a track. This is what musicians want as it targets the right audience when promoting their music. Tags and like the hash tags of twitter or Instagram, the more tags you connect to your track the more people it is bound to reach. Connecting to these social networks is also how to maximise a songs reach. Most social media sites these days allow you to connect to one site to another.

Sites like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter are good host sites for musicians as they allow you to post content directly from SoundCloud (and most other sites) onto your own page. This is how they are good at expanding an audience. It is also less time consuming for musicians and promoters to click on every social media button they want it to be posted on and is just as easy for users to share and reblog posts.

The social side of SoundCloud includes groups that you can join and input your music to. If there is a particular set of people you are trying to reach you may find them in the form of a group. Promoting in these groups are a good thing as you are sharing your music with people will similar interest and connecting to your audience. Feedback is coming from the musicians who would tend to be your main audience and care about the music your are into and creating even if it is just a work in progress. Showing work in progress pieces aren’t a bad thing, although I do prefer to use a separate account for my work in progress just so it doesn’t clog up my profile page with unfinished work as well as finished.

Album artwork is also essential to having a good promotion as people usually do judge musicians and the sound of an album on first impressions of the albums artwork. Connecting Instagram to SoundCloud is a really easy and quick way of taking an instant photo of something interesting and using it as artwork.

SoundCloud Pro is the pay extra feature that SoundCloud has. The upgrade extends streaming hours as well as adds other features like seeing where in the world your views are coming from. There are now three types on subscription – the free sign up account with 2 hours worth of space for tracks, the pro account that allows for 4 hours and the pro unlimited where there is unlimited uploading space.


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  1. Soundcloud is amazing and fully recommend the pro option. We use for pushing our label artists. Great resource and tool for the modern artist

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