Development of Final Installation

The development process of my installation has changed quite considerably from my original project pitch. Originally I was just going to use sound to convey my message that in this developed world of technology and equality the fact that there are still firsts for women is still a bit astounding. What I wanted to with this installation is to show that for a very long time women have been creating and accomplishing so much but most of it has been over looked because of either ‘male power’ and/or because of the stereotypical depiction the world has created of women. Doing this with just sound and a visual would have been hard for the viewer to connect to and understand what the sounds were trying to convey. So I’ve decided to use the visuals to convey the message. I am going to do this by allowing the visuals to glitch from an old 1950’s sexist advert to clips of interviews, performance and stills from some of the most recognizable women figures and the lesser recognized ones. The sound will be incorporated with the clips. As the viewer walks towards the visual, the clips will flicker from the advert to short clips. This allows the viewer to stop and reflect on the video that he or she are watching.

Choosing the different videos and sounds has been one of the hardest things for me as I want to select the right ones. I’ve been changing my mind on these all the time. From my last post about final idea’s I wrote about what sounds I was going to use and why but now it is completely different as I have to think about the visual aspect of it and what I want the audience to see. Also some of the sounds I wanted to use do not have any video’s so I have to find appropriate still images that I hope create the same effect as the moving image.

I also feel that there is something missing. I keep thinking about what will happen when the viewer has walked up to the visual and has reached the end. This needs to be refined as there is not a lot of time left. I think that the images should flicker between one another quickly or blur the advert into a final image or a statistic or something to show that everything hasn’t always been unnoticed by the world. Although in parts of the world there are still problems with equality with women, we shouldn’t give up on them for all our sakes.


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