Research – Margaret Thatcher

I understand that sometimes talking about Margaret Thatcher can be a dodgy subject but I merely want to use her as an example of women in power. No, Margaret Thatcher wasn’t a Feminist. And becoming Prime Minister at the height of the women’s Liberation movement was a big deal for feminist’s – the fact that she did nothing with it angered many of them. But that is not the reason why I am interested in her. I am interested in her because her job wasn’t to advocate women but to run the country.

I can understand that some feminists were and still are frustrated with her but in my opinion the reason why she needs to be promoted and/or recognized as a feminist figure is because of the political public figure and powerful woman she became.

Thatcher stepped up to a powerful position and became the woman in the charge. She made all the important and hard decisions, she ran the country. Political, economics and other public affairs were something that before the late 1900’s were ‘too difficult’ for women to do because women were too intellectually inferior to men. Thus women were limited to roles such as housewives and mothers.

Society has stereo-typed women, making it harder for women to achieve there ambitions. Although in America men are still being paid more than women, education has to be the biggest improvement in most parts of the world. The change in the education system must one of the biggest factors to the recent success of women in the late 19th century. Education allowed women to become doctors, scientist and political figures. Margaret Thatcher being voted in and becoming the women in power is how she changed the world and should be recognized more by feminists in this way.


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