Emergent Tech Installation pre-set ups

So my assessment is tomorrow for my installation project I have been developing over the last semester for the emergent technologies module. As I can’t get into the black box, where I will be for my assessment, to start set ups at the moment I have been designing and sorting out what I will do as soon as I get in there.

This morning I have managed to sort out and finish my max patch for this project –  everything works so far but I wont really know if it will work as a whole installation until I get into the black box.

I have also written myself a list of what I need to do when I get in there:

  1.  Set up curtains so that they create a corridor type atmosphere
  2.  Line up the sensor and get all the distances right for my patch – this will be a trial and error thing.
  3. See what it looks like with the projector projecting onto the projection screen – if it doesn’t look right see what it looks like just being projected onto a wall. This visual aspect is really important as first impressions are really important, especially for an installation.
  4. Play with lighting – although I know that I want it to be in the dark, the projector will always make light around the room. I need to make sure that I’ve thought about this carefully within the context of the room as depending on what the visual is being shown could change the visual impact i.e. projector screen could make it look more ‘power point’ than ‘installation’.


Sound and visuals are the key elements of my installation therefor these two things need to be perfect for the whole thing to look and feel right. Visually it is the first thing that the viewer as they walk into the room so the volume of the sounds needs to match the visual impact – This does not necessarily mean that the volume needs to be loud. The last thing the viewer will hear is Emmeline Pankhurst speech with the visuals fading into darkness. I’d like the speech to be quieter so that the viewer really has to think about what she is saying – but I think that is something I will need to add into my max patch when I get into the black box.


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