Installation Final Decisions on Sounds and Visuals

My max patch is complete and with this so are the final decisions on the sounds and visuals.

The 1950’s cleaning advert is my main starting point – this visual will be repeated at the way through the installation as the viewer walks closure the visual. The reason why I chose this video was because when I came across it it just seemed appropriate and also you get the message quite quickly at the beginning of the video.

The second video that I will use is a video of Delia Derbyshire giving a talk about how to make music which then moves into one of her own pieces. I really like this video because you get to see how she works and the complicated tools/systems she uses to make her music. Both of these starting videos are black and white. I was thinking of placing the video’s in historical order starting with the oldest but I think it works better, especially these two in this order, because you aren’t expecting this kind of thing to appear.

After Delia Derbyshire I have chosen a video of Maria Alsop conducting a piece at the proms. I like the fact that everything is in black and white until you get to this moment where everything in the video is very clear, modern looking and in colour.

The fourth video is a still image of Cecile Chaminade’s piano concerto ‘Automne’. There wasn’t a video that I could show for this piece of music but I really wanted it to be in my installation as I think Cecile Chaminade is a really important musician that presents exactly what I want to show in context to the message I want to convey within this project. So I made a still image video – just one still as I think that using several stills would be very youtube-esk and seem quite childish.

The last visual will be of Margaret Thatcher’s first speech as Prime Minister as she gets out of her car and walks to Downing Street. She gives quite an uplifting speech here, showing that she is a very strong woman. My point here is convey that she should be shown more as a feminist figure because of the power she had by becoming the first female Prime Minister not that she herself was a feminist.

The visuals will then move back to the advert for one last time where the screen will then fade into darkness. The installation will end with Emmeline Pankhurst women’s rights speech read by Emily Blunt. The fact that there is nothing to look at I hope that it will enhance what the viewer sees by making it more about listening to the words of the speech than what is happening on screen.


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