Set Ups

This afternoon hasn’t gone as well as planned. Firstly as I got into the room I wasn’t able to create the corridor type atmosphere that I wanted as it just was not possible. But the Project creates a kind of archway so I am going to adapt to this and make it so that the viewer has walk through the arch towards the visuals that are being projected onto the wall. The arch acts as guidance that the corridor would make – although it wont make the same enclosed effect with the light and the viewer will be able to see more of the room. But I don’t think this will affect it much because the curtains are jet black so hopefully this will help the room feel smaller and darker.

I have placed the speakers so that they are inline with the feet of the projector stand/arch way and the projected image. I hope that this will also help outline a corridor like space. Because the viewer will have to now enter through the archway I hope that this will suggest a boundary around and inside the space. Spectators can watch from the outside but only one person can enter at a time.

What I need to do tomorrow is get my sensor up and running and go over distances and what videos and sounds will be playing at different distances. My sensor is quite sensitive and it jitters about a bit with the numbers that come through so it is going to be very time consuming to get it right. This is one of the things I am most worried about as the visuals and sounds are key. Although I think the visual would work quite well glitching between each image I’m not sure if the sounds would work in the same way.

Overall it is similar to what I was thinking it would look like. It is a shame that I couldn’t make it into a corridor atmosphere but I will explain that to my assessors to imagine that they are there before I am assessed as because I couldn’t make what I originally thought and developed my idea around changes the whole outcome of what I wanted to present.

Day 2 of set ups went quite smoothly. I was able to sort out most things reasonably quickly i.e sorting out sound and changing stuff in my max patch. It took me a while to get the video’s working well by changing the distance values in my patch and I ended up taking out the Marin Alsop video as it was based to much on the solo violinist than her conducting. After this I was pretty much done.


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