Installation Assessment Review


My Installation went much better than expected. I felt that it was all that I could achieve in the amount of time I had. There were only a couple of things that went wrong in the assessment – one of the sounds didn’t quite trigger right in the patch – Emmeline Pankhurst women’s rights speech ending up playing all the way through once it was triggered instead of fading out. This didn’t necessarily effect the piece as a whole as it kind of worked with the glitching of the sounds and visuals that were being triggered and changed by the sensor as it made it kind of continuous but when you walked back to entrance of the installation it was still playing which carried on for the next person. I’m not sure what happened here as it was all working fine, I can only think that it may have been something to do with the fading in and out of this sound as it had to fade in after 3 seconds.

The other problem, that I thought, was the entrance idea. I wasn’t really sure whether it was clear enough. I can imagine that in a real life gallery situation I would have had signs to navigate what the viewer had to walk through.Instead I directed my assessors to what to do and where to go.

These are some video’s taken of my installation- they are a bit dark but hopefully you can understand what is going on.The first video is of the projected image onto the wall showing how the clips glitched between one another while I walked towards the sensor

The second video was supposed to show the interaction between me, the sensor and the projected image. It is quite dark in this video but essentially what I am doing is walking back and forwards trying to control the imagery and sound.

Assessment Comments

The comments after my assessment were completely fair. I totally agree that I should have made more use of the sensor – making it more visible instead of hiding it away. The use of imagery – Although I felt it did work there needed to be more content within the piece itself.

What I would do next time

If I did this again I think I would like to use more than one sensor – maybe one controlling the videos and another doing something to imagery or sound itself. I would think about the setting more.  As I wasn’t able to create a corridor like atmosphere I would liked to have seen how it would have worked and how it would have looked in a more enclosed environment. Then maybe also testing out the installation in different spaces – seeing what works and what doesn’t. I think the use of imagery was good but more clips were needed and a longer distance to work from. The sensor was quite sensitive and the angle of it was quite wide so I think I would get a more direct sensor next time. I think there is a lot potential to turn this into a really solid piece of installation work in the future. Everything needs a bit more fine tuning but I am pretty happy with how it turned out in the end.


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