Production Pitch

This is my project pitch for my production module at university.

My pitch is to create an EP where I will be recording a few of my songs and then I will be creating my own artwork to go along side my E.P. The EP itself will contain 3 or 4 songs that I have already written and will be in the process of recording in the next couple of weeks. I am really interested in how buildings sound and recordings of music being recorded in weird locations. I would really like to record my tracks in an abandoned church in Bristol that I am going to go a visit at the weekend.

For my dissertation research I have been looking at work by Jacob Kirkegaard who is an artist and a composer. One of his artworks, AION, he went out the Chernobyl and recorded the sounds of the buildings which accompanied some of his photographic work of the abandoned buildings. This is what I’d like to do for the artwork so that there is a visual connection between the music and the recording process. Each track will have its own photograph to go alongside it.

Carrying on from some of the 16mm film stuff I was making whilst I was away in Canada I would really like to create a film to go alongside my EP which will feature an extended version of one of the songs that I have written. This  track will be more of an instrumental and experimentally extended version of the original. This film will go as a sort of side promotional/extra thing that will come with my EP. I will be using appropriated footage and my own frame by frame drawn on footage. Even though the 16mm role of film would already be developed as I will be drawing/etching onto black and clear litre the only problem would be how to digitize the film.

This is an example of some of the work I was creating on exchange.

I really like how this music video for Fuel to Fire by Agnes Obel is edited with the music.

The main platforms I will be using will be Facebook, SoundCloud, BandCamp. For the film I will be using platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo but I’d also like to enter my film to either experimental film festivals or an independent film festival. If I was to put it into film festivals I think I would need to start thinking about getting business cards and maybe a more professional looking blog/website.

With that in mind, my target audience for the music will be for consumers that are interested in music by Haley Bonar, Bon Iver but I think that will change a bit and I might have to rethink this later on depending on the recordings.








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