Urban Exploration

Urban exploration is the exploration of man made structures that are usually abandoned/ruins/empty.  Popular with photographers, a lot of these places are hard to get into with either security problems or by blocked entry. The buildings usually have a beauty about them that no-one can see because these security problems which leads to some artist and photographers to enter them without permission. But I think that is why It has become so popular, the idea of reaching these architecturally interesting and beautifully decaying places that are out of bounds and the sense of adventure that comes with it.

Battersea Power Station is probably one of the most recognised and iconic buildings in the world. Being empty and not it in use anymore has lead to urban explorers wanting to see what is inside. These images show why:

These are some examples of urban explorers that go to less known buildings. These may include old schools, churches, factories and houses.



Lucinda Grange

Lucinda Grange is an example of an urban explorer who has recently been in the paper because her fearless and challenging ways of taking photographs. She scales buildings, sleeps in bunkers and sneaks past security to get some really amazing shots. At the same time Grange is a working photographer and produces a lot of portrait work too but it is this other side of her work that is really quite amazing.




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