Decisions and Production Collaboration

A couple of weeks ago I pitched several idea’s for my final project. Looking back on it I can see that I can split these idea’s in 3 different projects:

1. something to do with abandoned buildings

2.16mm film idea with music for film.

3. an EP with artwork.

With a lot of thinking and looking at what I am writing in my dissertation I have decided that I am going to go with the abandoned buildings thought as a starting point. I will be working along side one of the film and documentary students from my university/ flatmate Simon. We both had very similar thoughts and ideas on using abandoned buildings in some way for our final year project so we have decided to work together.

I have never worked on a project collaboratively or with using film in a documentary context as a medium.¬† I am intrigued by seeing what Simon’s processes are from a documentary film perspective – learning about his style of filming and the use of equipment.

After watching Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow by Sophie Fiennes about the artist Anselm Kiefer I was thinking that, personally, I really love how it has been shot. Kiefer’s artwork is interesting because of how he buildings his sculptures so what I loved about the documentary was that more about watching the process of the artist than churning out facts about why and what he was doing. There were brief questions every now and then but I think the visuals and imagery spoke for itself.

Our first deadline will be my Mid Term assessment which is the 22nd/23rd of January. As Simon will be away from the 14th -23rd of November on another project, we will mainly be generating as many different ideas and thoughts on using abandoned buildings and music until he goes away. Alongside these ideas will also be exploring different concept/story for the documentary. Our research will include locations – how many? 3? where? can we get to them?, the history of these buildings/uses, what kind of sounds do we associate with these abandoned buildings i.e. mechanical? religious?. What music do we want? – improvised? written score? if so, how many musicians?… And so on.

We both understand that time is also going to be an issue. We both have other projects going on at the same time and will have to make sure we use time appropriately to get the most out of this project. Finding locations will take time and if we need permission then it may take longer. We hope to have a clear idea of what we are doing by December…

Wish us luck!


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