Installation Performance

This is the first Installation performance I have done for the Live module. I made this installation whilst I was away on exchange at OCAD U in Canada but have made a few changes to adapt to the room that I was using. I wanted to re-run the installation to see what it would look like and make a few decisions on what I want to do for my final performance in May.


Originally the installation used a light tracking patch in Max MSP so that you could draw on the walls in the room with a flashlight (as seen in the video below taken in Canada) – the idea being that most people these days have a flashlight on their phones so I wanted to make an installation where you could just use something that was always on you. Because there was too much light it the room  (I wasn’t able to turn them off because of a weird light switch setting the room had) the tracking of the flashlight didn’t really work as the computer couldn’t distinguish from bright areas of the room and the flashlight so I had to change the patch slightly. To solve this problem I adapted the patch to use colour tracking instead that tracked the colour green. To draw in the installation I used a green marker pen so it was if you were drawing with an actual pen.

A reason for re-running this installation was to get feedback from the class and to see what their thoughts on it were. When I presented this at OCAD U I was showing it to the class as an art student in an art school instead of a music student studying sound and music so to see what musicians/sound artist thought of it from another perspective was interesting. A lot of the comments I felt were fair points. There were some comments on the glitchyness of the imagery but people could start to see why I made a few of these decisions when I started to explain why I liked how when you began to draw it wasn’t a smooth line and that I felt as it matched the sounds then aesthetically I found it much more interesting to look at and to play with. Some other suggestions were to run it again but maybe use two computers or edit the patch so that two people could draw at once. A suggestion that I thought was an interesting idea was to have an image behind the drawing so that when you drew an image would come through.

But although it wasn’t set up as a proper installation and I didn’t feel it worked aesthetically within the space I was using, I think that it was good for me to have set it up and to revisit what it looked like. It was also for the class to get a sense of what I had been doing last semester and, for me, trying to workout from here where and what I want to do for the end of year show and where this installation idea could head to. Seeing it again though I have come to decision that I don’t really want to carry on with this idea. I think there is potential with this idea but personally it is not what I really want to do.


This is some footage of the original installation that I set up in at OCAD U




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