Installation Presentation

As I hadn’t been able to acquire the equipment that I needed for my installation to create a mock up of what I would like my installation to look like (at the moment having now sound)  I decided to give a brief presentation to the class to see what their thoughts were about it and to get some feedback from my lecturer.

The images that were used in this presentation were a few of the photographs I took of one of the walls in the surrounding areas of the church we went to visit a couple of weeks ago.





I went through the main idea’s I had for the initial set up with several ideas and thoughts of where this installation could potentially lead to. I have had idea’s of back projecting these images on sheets to projecting the images through other materials such as wood where there would be gaps between each thin piece nailed together a bit like a fence. The problem with would be the amount of image:light that would actually come through on the other side but I like the idea of playing with light and images together. Some of my idea’s seem a bit unclear at the moment so the best thing for me would to start setting up and experimenting with images, sound and projecting – But from what people were saying I think the main thing was that I needed to get the installation up an running to see what it would look like and to see if it would work as an installation piece.

part 1

part 2


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