ChurchShed Installation

Finally! I’ve been able to set up an installation! – and it didn’t go to bad either!

This is the first installation that I’ve managed to successfully run this semester. The bases for this installation was mainly to experiment with back projecting onto sheets into a space. I used still images, one of them was an image I presented last week – decaying wall photo, the other was a photograph I took of my shed at home where the paint was coming off the wood similarly to paint on the wall. I chose to put these images together because I thought the colouring of both them were really lovely and I thought they went well together especially as one of the bed sheets was a cream colour and the other was white so the colours came out a bit different anyway when projected.


I used the corner of the room so that I could create a box shape. I was just testing out a corner of what I want I am thinking I want my installation to look like – a square shape with gaps in the corners so that you can walk around it and through it and you are surrounded by 4 images that are all back projected. I used bed sheets because I had seen from experience that images come through really nicely when projected onto them. The sheets were not tort, I just allowed them to hang from some microphone stands so the material was allowed to have a little freedom. I was thinking that I was going to try and get them to be as tort as possible but actually I really liked the fact that they moved slightly and that the crinkles in some of the sheets contrasted nicely to the straightness of the wood in one photo but sort of joined in with the other photo where layers were coming through the crinkles in the wall were made by the decaying paint.

I used bluetooth speakers for the sound which I thought worked well as they could be arranged where I wanted them. The only problem was that I could only use one speaker per device. This actually didn’t matter because I was then able to set the soundscape that I made to play throughout the installation in different places in the track so that different things/sounds/noises were happening. I liked this effect.

A problem I couldn’t use dual head thing to split the screen and project 2 different images from my laptop so had to use two computers. This could be a problem for when I want to project 4 images.

DSC_2117 DSC_2120


Aestheically it doesn’t look to great, quite shoddy looking with the microphone stands but I now know that it works and that there is potential in the installation. I would like to just hang the sheets from the ceiling though for next time. But I did like how peoples shadows came into the image as they walked around it. I would also like to try shining light through some wooden fence frame things that I mentioned in my presentation a couple of weeks ago. Sound wise – the music was very calming and may not had given the idea that the sounds were from the images or that you were in a building but I liked how the colour came through onto the walls in the corner so I think that made it very calming relaxing atmosphere as the colour was quite dim. I would like to use more natural noises – either field recordings or downloaded and make the enclosed area a bit more surround in sound.

Some suggestions were to have something on floor – maybe the ceiling too. I like the idea of having something on the ground – a change in terrain as if you were stepping into a room or going outside. I’d like to see how tarpaulin or carpet works in this kind of situation as carpet suggests indoors and tarpaulin suggests outside or maintenance/rebuilding. Tarpaulin also creates a crunching sound when trodden or played with, I like the idea that as well as shadows coming in and playing with the images that the sounds of you movements become entwined with the soundscape as you would if you were walking in a forest or footsteps on a path.

For my next installation I would like to get the 4 walls/images up so that I can see if the installation would work as a whole. I think I will use the bluetooth speakers again as that allowed the sound to become flexible, I like the idea of it being different every time.

This is a video of the performance.

This is a soundcloud link to soundscape that was played in the installation.


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