Installation Performance 3

This is the last of the 3 performance’s of my installation that I will do this year.

For this installation the main thing was to get the 4 walls set up to see if it would all work together. I had a couple of problems with this.

1. I only had 3 projectors that I could use for the installation

2. The room wasn’t really big enough for  projections to all be back projected so I had to use a wall. One of the projectors was mounted on the ceiling so this wasn’t too much of a problem

3. I needed 4 separate computers for each projector as the dualhead splitter thing didn’t work last time.


After taking ages to set up I felt that the installation wasn’t presented how I wanted it to be. The first thing I felt that was wrong with the installation was that it just seemed to small and cramped, especially for the amount of people that went into at the same time. I was able to borrow another projector but the image came out too faint and too small, this is something that can easily be fixed as it was a last minute find but it annoyed me that you couldn’t really see image that well. The sound was also a problem, I had trouble getting the laptops to find a speaker so there were only 3 speakers playing sound. I felt I could have done more with the sound from last time but I didn’t end up having much time to edit it to incorporate new sounds and noises.

I felt some of the feedback was very fair; the sound didn’t really give a ‘building’ vibe, it was very smooth and open – opposite to a building – its need corners, structure and boundaries.  But then again I liked how immersive it could potentially be. This could make the installation turn into new thing – bring more idea’s of immersion into it and creating a ‘hypnotic’/immersive atmosphere.

Now that I know that the 4 wall idea works though I think I would like to play around with the layout of the walls, maybe getting images printed on the sheets and bringing in other materials for light to shine through. Maybe create a maze like atmosphere – having to find your way through a new building.


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