Idea’s For Next Semester

Looking at the 3 performances I have done this semester I think that there is quite a lot of stuff in terms of experimentation that can be done.


Firstly I would like to get into the black box and the dance studio and experiment with the space. I had been using a smaller room this semester which made it a bit more difficult but I managed to put the installation together at a smaller scale.


I’d like to get some larger sheets to project onto and experiment hanging them from the ceiling or the ceiling rails that they have in the black box. This is where I’d like to see if a printed image with a light shining through it may work. Also playing around with the arrangement and the layout of the walls where I can make it into more of maze where its like entering a building for the first time and have to find your way around the space. I want to try and bring in other materials such a terrain and making screens that are more solid where images can be projected onto or light can be shone though/making shadows. I also noticed in the last installation that people were trying to dodge the projector as to not to walk through the image, I think that having a layout like this would encourage people to walk through the image and light.

A suggestion I had was to use the 4 walls and take the idea of the sound array installation and to recreate the reverb of a building I have been into and play the sound into another room in another space but using the reverb of another space. This way the sound would have corners and boundaries that the installation may have been lacking in my 3 performances.

Sound and Image

For the sound I have been using a soundscape that I made from visiting the church a while back. I’d really like to have multiple speakers around the room and have different sounds happening around the space such as drips or things falling- but a mixture of the natural and unnatural sound – such as instruments being played in space that I will be recording as part of my production project.


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