Format of Release and Publication

The idea behind Abandoned Symphonies is that it is an ongoing series where overtime I can add and upload more videos that allows me to explore new places and new sounds. The intention of creating my own websites enables me to sort out and store all my projects and current work in a professional and easily accessible manor. Creating a website is a move on from using wordpress and my university blog.

Digital Format

The visual platforms that I will distributing the Abandoned Symphonies series on will mainly be Vimeo. For my last project I used YouTube as a platform to distribute my music videos but now I find that a majority of my work that is on my YouTube account has no relevance to the projects I am working on now for example video’s of old max msp projects and other little videos that I have posted up so that I can post it onto my blog. But I also want to use Vimeo because it is a popular and professional film/video platform that is used by musicians and artist in my line of work.

Through Vimeo I can distribute my work by sharing and posting links onto my other networking sites such as my website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. These sites are also where I will be posting all videos/trailers onto Vimeo aswell as the finished products.

The release of Alongside the release and publication of Abandoned Symphonies will be the soundtracks to each of the video’s. These will be present on SoundCloud where you will be able to download them. SoundCloud also enables you to share and post on other social networking sites.

Physical Format

Because this series is based alongside the installation I am working on for my live project, one of the idea’s I had for the release of the films would be a separate screening maybe the day before the installation performance. At both the screening and at the performance itself I would be able to sell/showcase my work. This would be ideal if I were to look at using physical formats as part of my release such as:

–  A limited number of small books with photographs of the some of the empty/abandoned places I have been – this book would include bother images found in the films as well as other that have not been used in the final edits.

–  With the book there will be a CD of the soundtracks of the films (maybe give the options of purchasing separately or together?)

–  maybe one-off prints?

I understand that there is possibility of losing money in this type of physical format but I think that, in the direction that I can see my career heading, I will need to take risks like this to get my work out there in the art and sound industry. Following on from the physical format of my work, if I am to start networking as an artist working in sound, I should also look into getting business cards to help get my work out there.


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