Work Schedule and Release Date

This is a provisional schedule that I am going to keep a close to as possible

Release Date Aim: The provisional release date for this project will be alongside my installation, the 9th of May – but I am looking into having a screening of the mini series the night before the end of year show on the 8th of May – they then will be uploaded onto Vimeo

This Week

Finish an edit of PassM4

Next Week- end of January

–  Film and record a song at abandoned house in Caerleon

–  Record all songs as studio versions


–  Film at…. with poem

–  Set up website

–  Sort out and select images for book

End of February/March Post-production phase: Mixing / mastering / re-editing etc.

–  re-editing films

–  re-editing music

–  The series ‘Abandoned Symphonies’ will have its own trailer that will feature small clips/teasers of each episode and will be shared onto social media sites nearer the date of release.

March/ April – Marketing: Promotional videos / teasers / mixes / Project website + Artwork: Digital and physical copy

–  project website – artist website

–  Make event on Facebook for screening and installation

–  cards printed

–  book making/CD’s

–  1 off prints?

May 8th


May 9th
Installation Performance


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