PassM4 – episode one – work in progress

PassM4 is the first episode of the Abandoned Symphonies series. Filmed under the motorway bypass, PassM4 shows beauty in an unexpected area – with calm colours, and sound of the motorway above echoing through but then slowly becomes part of the natural man-made landscape that has decayed over the years.

I sung this song under the bridge, I also used cymbals in the space to catch the natural reverb. I found that the noises I had captured work nicely with the cuts of the clips I filmed under the bridge. The noise of the M4 above the bridge slowely becomes part of the soundtrack and starts to feel ‘normal’. I suppose this film comments on how the destruction of our landscape but how normal man-made things are integrating into our environment

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 08.54.31


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