Target Audience

My intended target audience is a little harder than the audience I target for my singer-songwriter music but I will use this audience to begin with – such as my facebook page, twitter and tumblr to build up my audience. Because my work is a mixture of film, music – both sound in space and song-writer, and installation I shouldn’t loose much of an audience on these social networking sites because of how inter-connected they are. I know that a majority of my audience, especially on facebook is friends and family but I hope to build up a newer and bigger audience by networking and showcasing my work such as screenings events and installations.

I find it hard to pin down an exact audience profile because of how broad my work is but I would say that it generally aimed at people who are interested in this Urban Exploration idea that is becoming more popular in video’s and in sound. But as my work is not just all about the space but the sound too, the sound/music/poetry is a stand-alone piece – the idea being that the music can be listened to on its own not just with the films.

Using mainly Vimeo and SoundCloud to share the majority of work keeps it simple in how I can share my work. These sites also allow for downloads too. They are trusted and popular sites so tagging them on the sites will hopefully allow for a larger audience when searched for in a particular category. They are also easy to share onto facebook, wordpress, twitter, tumblr..etc

By following artists such as Mira Calix on facebook, instagram and twitter I can see that she also uses these media platforms to help distribute her work. As my target audience is very similar to hers I hope to use how she converses with her audience to help build up my audience.

–  Similar artists or organisations.

guy that hits things in spaces, silo recordings


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