Preliminary Installation

This is the first iteration of my installation. This was the first time I had been in the dance studio so at the moment is it very much the bare bones of what it will look like. I am still experimenting with sound, image, space and layout so being able to see a the installation in the space it will be in the final show made it easier to make decisions on all of these things and to start designing the installation to the space. I was really happy with how it turned out even though I only had 2 projectors going – just being able see a rough realisation of it has made the project a little more exciting.

There were a few problems that I encountered. Firstly some of the projectors had to be really far away – this isn’t a major problem but one of the projectors has to go through some double doors to fit the screen – also I need 4 separate computers for each projector as I don’t have a splitter at the moment. Another problem were the speakers – because they are bluetooth speakers you can only connect 1 device to one speaker; this has remained a problem for a while as I had similar experiences with not being able to connect devices to speakers properly in the earlier stages of development in this project. I want create a really immersive atmosphere within the atmosphere with sounds from the binaural recordings I have been doing for my production module so I’ll need to find a way around this.

These are more technical problems that were bound to come up during the logistics of the whole installation. I am now looking into using the speaker system that is in the dance studio and have also been suggested that I use wireless headphones if I want to use the binaural recordings I’m using for the videos in my production module.

This is what the installation looked like from the inside. I really like the back projection and I like how the colours light up the space but you can’t see everything around the room – you have to be guided by the form and shape of the square. I’d quite like the walls the become more sculptural though – In this setup I used string the hang up the sheets but as you can see they have sagged a bit. I don’t mind this as I like that they aren’t tort and wave about a bit but I think that if I attach them to a thin strip of wood then they will hang quite nicely as well as having that tiny bit of movement in them.

At first glance, to me, it looks a bit obvious – the square shape that is. Being in the space and seeing its boundaries has allowed me to look at more of the logistics behind the installation. in the next couple of weeks I would like to try a couple of different layouts and see how they work as well as adding more ‘walls’. I see the sheets as a kind of blueprint document or when you go into a building for the first time and you have suss your way around to find your way back.

Because the idea is that as you walk around the installation and you hear all these these things, your shadows and noises becomes part of the installation – you become part of the buildings. This follows on from the idea I wrote about in my dissertation where a buildings has a voice or a soul and that we become part of the buildings as we leave traces of ourselves behind – our skin, our smell, maybe a drawing on the wall.. etc. I would like to put down carpets and tarpaulin and things like that so that the space becomes immersed in objects that you would expect to find in and around buildings. These objects then help to make quite noises of crinkled footsteps which will add to the sound of the space – you become apart of it. I suppose it is a little bit like John Cage’s 4:33 where everything that is heard is music. The objects such as carpet also gives you the option to just sit and listen and watch the imagery.


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