Project Changes

The Abandoned Symphonies project has had quite a few changes. One of those being that it is no longer a collaborative project. This isn’t due to conflicting idea’s but because of schedules and other projects for our separate courses. My friend who I was collaborating with has kindly still offered to help out with filming.

Because this project is no longer a collaboration project and I am working as a creative practitioner it has been a bit more challenging. In a way it nice as I have to use my networking skills to find the things I want, such as locations, which is kind of building me up for my creative practice after university. I am also becoming a lot more confidant on the decisions I am making with the project being responsible for the oversight and construction of the end product – a short film. I hope that this will carry on into my future projects where I can use these networking and decision making skills I have always been so shy to address to run future successful projects.


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