The Three Amigos

My three Amigos

My lovely film crew Mike and Simon will be helping me film and driving to abandoned places on this project. In return I will give them food and music for their films. Seems like a good deal to me! Simon helped me film and record sound at the Church in Bristol as well as all the stuff under the bridge. Mike has recently joined us in our little adventures because he knows good locations and has a car. Unfortunately a lot of the good places to film and record and quite far away. But both Mike and Simon, who are on the documentary film course at USW are good to discuss idea’s and filming solutions. Both have their own projects to work on but as long as I plan everything in advance with them then it should all work out – I understand that they don’t have much time left on their projects and nor do I so for me to be organized is very important as neither of us have the time for days to be wasted. Obviously I am not just using them for their filming skills – although that is quite useful ha – As they are also my flatmates I see a lot of the stuff they do and how they work when planning for filming their work but I have never worked with them at a location and filming. For me it is not just letting them get on to film whilst I tell them what to do, they are interested in what I am doing and my project and I am interested in their filming process and learning from them so that I can understand how it all works which will help me in future on future projects.


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