Next Location – Old Stable

The next location I am using is an abandoned stable in Chepstow that Mike (one of my film crew) knew about. Aesthetically it looks really lovely and I think it will work really well in the Abandoned Symphonies series. The only thing is is that it is quite open aired, the fact that there is no roof allows for sound to reverberate around the building less. If it was a warehouse or something like that then I think that it would really matter but I think because of it being an old stable and that it would probably be very open anyway then it works quite well.

When we first got there it was already getting quite dark as we were looking for another location that in the end we couldn’t find but these are some of the images that we took when we got there. I would like to get there again the next couple of weeks to do some re-shooting as right now I am still experimenting/working out how to use the binaural recording so a re-shoot would be ideal.

This will hopefully become the second film short in the series – although the order has not been determined yet – and I have named it StablePark. The sounds and film will also become part of the installation I am working on. Some of the images and bits I have collected around the area will also feature in the coffee table table type book I am creating to go alongside the film shorts and installation.


Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 15.41.46


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