StablePark re-shoot

As I didn’t have enough footage for this film short I decided to go back and do a re-shoot. As we only had a limited amount of time when filming here last time it got quite dark so it made sense to go back and do everything properly. So today my friend who is doing the filming and I went back the abandoned stable in Chepstow. The weather was really good so we were able to capture the lovely colours that the natural sunlight made within the building.

At first we recorded all the sound and singing footage similarly to what we did last time but chose a different area in the building. I placed the head in the center of the room and started to sing around it. As there wasn’t really much space it was hard to walk at the way around the dummy head that had the binaural microphones in. After the singing takes I then recorded 10 minutes worth of sound in the space. When I listened back to the recordings you could hear all the sheep that were walking past and also passing cars from the road that was far away but further enough to picked up by the microphones. This is how I came to realize how sensitive the microphones were.

I wanted to get footage of both structural details and intimate details of the building. I got photographs as well as panning and still footage. The photographs will be used for the book that I am making to go along side the installation and film where it will be an amalgamation of close ups and of the spaces I’ve been to. I love the decayed colours that have come through.

key no 22 

Now that I have loads of footage I am going to try and get the first edit done for this film. I still feel like I am learning how to use to all the binaural recording stuff – it has taken me a while – but I think I wont really figure out what how the film short will be and look like until I’ve started the editing process.


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