Edit 1 of StablePark video

This is the first edit of one of the Abandoned Symphonies films. Right now it is just a montage of all the clips and trying to get the binarual sound to work with the imagery. I have found that it has been a really slow process because I am never too sure on what I really want the film to show. The films themselves are all about how sound and voice become part of the building by using the sounds around it and the natural resonance of the rooms with my songs bringing the building back to life in a way.

The first edit I ever did for this project was for the midterm hand in in January and I found that it really wasn’t very successful with how the sounds worked even though some of the imagery was really nice. Either I will just use that as research or find another use for the imagery and I like it a lot. But through this first edit of Stable Park – of which I am thinking of changing its name – I have found that the sound still doesn’t really work with the imagery. The reason why this is is because the camera isn’t facing the same direction as the binaural microphones and as the camera follows me about, you don’t get the whole binaural effect even though you can hear everything and it is very immersive. I found that only once you have taken off your headphones then you realize how immersive it was – this is not what I want. I want you to feel like you are there instantly – as soon as you press play I want the sound to transform you to the building in the film. Then there is the sound in general though – firstly I change key so it was hard to harmonize with myself when I recorded the harmonies binaurally in the studio – this was mainly to give more to the film but I think it actually just takes something out of it. Then secondly there is a lot of background noise which I think is the reason why you get the immersive type feeling of the sound being all around you, but that is the wrong kind of immersion I was going for. There are several ways I can cut down the noise but I feel that I should just go and do another re-shoot. As the location isn’t hard to get to then it should not be a problem.

I have learned a lot through this process and recording binaurally and I can truthfully say that it has taken its toll when things just don’t work and the deadline isn’t too far away – but I want it to work! So, I have arranged a date with my camera man for when we will go and re-film sound and visuals. The setup for filming this time will be totally different. As last time we just kind of went and did experimenting – and found that none it really worked (apart from that I have loads of really lovely shots and footage of the place and close ups of intimate details to play with in editing) – For the 3rd visit I will take more into account what I am doing in my installation. Because I am using four screens and hopefully the sound array system, that has been set up in the dance studio, in my installation I feel they should all be long filmed stills of me moving about in between the screens and sound following me about. This will take a lot of planning but I think I can only be able to know what I can do with the sound array system once I’ve got into the dance studio and played with it.


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