3rd Visit to Abandoned Stable

This is the 3rd trip I’ve made to the abandoned stable but this time I was so much more prepared than the last two visits. There are 4 different set ups – this will be one setup per screen. These shots are the still moving shots I mentioned in a previous post.

Setup 1

Setup 1

Setup 2

Setup 2

Setup 3

Setup 3

Setup 4

Setup 4





There was a route I walked through and around the building whilst singing. This would have been easier if we had 4 cameras and set them up in these spots but unfortunately we only had one. This meant that I needed to get my timing right for each take whilst singing the song – although this can be edited in post. The binaural head was set up below the camera and faced the same direction as the camera. When listening and watching back on the footage you get a real sense of the the movement.

In each setup we took several takes so I had to sing to a backing track to make sure I was in the same key for each take. In some of the takes you can, annoyingly, see my headphones but it is only when you are looking for it you can see it. I’ll hopefully be able to edit all these shots out though in post.

There were 2 different shots we were going for in each setup. 1 was for the film short and the other was for the installation but within the editing of film I will use a mixture of both. For the film I stood in a place just out of shot in each setup and sung the whole song then we did some extra takes of some movement and general walking about. For the installation we filmed me walking and singing. This is where the route that walked was important that I did it the same every time so that in the installation I walk from screen to screen and then we will automate the sound to follow my movement.

Because I have other footage that is shot really nicely I think that, in the installation, every now and then the screen will change quickly to a detail then back to its designated setup. Now I need to match up all the binaural recording and then the edit for the film as well as syncing all the footage for the installation.


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