Heledd Hardy Installation at the Atriumi

I went to a networking event at the atrium were, it just so happened, there was a lecturer from the university putting up an installation. Weirdly it was very similar to my installation idea where there were 4 screens back projected and on the screens was footage of this old church she went to visit. Although my idea uses still footage and hers moved quite a lot, the idea was similar in that you had to watch for a while to get a sense of space and spatial awareness as all the rooms on the each of the screens in her installation all came back to one room.. if that makes sense? you found features in some of the footage on other screens then you realized that that was the same area of the building. Although a part of me was a bit annoyed that the installation was so similar, I could clearly see what I felt worked and what did not. I didn’t really like the fact that everyone was crammed inside the square that the screens were making – although I have already thought about that I don’t really want it in a square because it feels to obvious to me – I could see that my decision on this was affirmed as I didn’t want people to cram inside of the installation but walk around and look from different angles too. Another thing that I wasn’t sure on was when the screens turned to static for a bit… I did ask but I forgot why she chose to do that. These all may sound like negative things but in all honesty I think that it was a really successful installation. The footage was really lovely and I think it was all shot in analogue which is really cool. I think that the way she used music was quite interesting too. She had a live musician on a balcony area in the room but you couldn’t see him because of the screens. He was only in view when you stepped back away from the screens and from the outside.

I met with Heledd after the her show to talk about installation stuff and how weird it was that we both had really similar ideas and thoughts on abandoned buildings. It also gave me a bit of hope on my installation as I still wasn’t sure where it was going/what it would turn out like and that I was working on a similar level – thoughts and idea’s wise as an established artist living in Cardiff.


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