Live Show Promo

As head of the promo and marketing aswell as being committed to the sound team I have tried to be as organized as I can about organizing the show. I have found that it has been very difficult to communicate with a lot of the year and feel that I have got a majority of the promotional stuff done by myself. This is the poster that I/we have come up with. This is the A4 version of the poster that will be printed. We will get enough copies for everyone in the year to have to keep as well as putting some up around university. The name, Deleuians of Grandeur, came from a promo a meeting where the original name ‘Rhizome’ was being discussed. We found that this name suited our year more where the Deleuzian concepts hit quite a few of us hard.

This is the front cover of the programme. I liked the idea of a map so this will be A3 size and will then fold up like a map. This is also a reference to Deleuze and the idea of the maps and tracings. on the back of this design will be the programme where it will be ‘map like’ with all the acts connecting together but coming from the 3 different strands – Electronic, Bands and Audio Visual.

The imagery was of a painting I did.

This is the website that I came up with. I used weebly because I have been using it for my website. I find weebly is a really easy platform to use to make websites. The good thing about weebly is that you can add administrators that don’t have a weebly account. Each act has their own page with all their info on.


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