Film editing

To edit the 4 films for the installation I used the footage that we shot separately to the Stables Lament – saying that though, I used some of the shots from the film as they we just really lovely.

Each screen has a stationary shot of one of these different areas in the stable:

Setup 1 Setup 4 Setup 3 Setup 2

Because we filmed the same journey (walking and singing journey) at each area of the stable (this was due a logistical/technical problem where we only had one camera so could only do one space at a time – but it still turned out fine) when placed in a certain order you get a sense of space and spatial awareness. I did this on purpose and thought about the movement around the stable for a considerable amount of time. I knew that I was going to have four screens so I thought very carefully about the movement from screen to screen which helped me place the shots/where I wanted to position each camera.

Within the editing software Premiere, I arranged the four set ups similarly to the arrangement of the photographs above. Using some of the shots form The Stables Lament, I edited in the some of these clips so that when there is nothing to happening in one of the shots it will suddenly change to a minor detail or a to a moving shot for a few seconds then will go back to the original location shot. This, I hope, will keep the audience engaged in the installation, looking for things within the images and getting a sense of spaces and immersion with the images and the sound.

The film, The Stables Lament, was very important to how the installation footage was going to be edited as it showed me first, the process of editing and secondly what clips/shots worked best where within the installation footage.

I edited the video along with the stereo vocals from the The Stables Lament film. Using the vocals I was able to extend the installation without making the song seem very spread out and boring. The extra images and clips also helped extend the visuals as well. The audience then are hopefully always looking for things or listening out for things. The vocals will then be put into the sound array system where I will be able to move the vocals around the space – following the girl in the film. On top of the vocals will be field recordings and natural sounds of the place that will be placed around the room which will hopefully fill the room with sound and make the audience feel as if they are in a different space.


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