screen making

These are the screens that I have made for the installation – there are 4 screens. I had to get some new wood as the wood I was originally using for the previous screens wasn’t sturdy enough when hung in the dance studio. 2 of the cotton sheets are plain white and the other two, that are beige, are painted with water colour. The reason why there are 2 beige and 2 white was mainly due to the fact that there wasn’t enough sheets in the shop so I bought 2 of each. Because of the the colour difference I was going screen making 4to paint them all so that they all had a similar decayed/old water colour look but then I actually thought the white ones looked really nice just plain white. I also thought that they complimented each other when hung in the dance studio as I used on of each to make the ‘corners’ in the installation.


To put them together I nailed the sheet between two pieces of the wood then screwed in hooks enabling me to hang them properly in the dance studio. They roll up efficiently and aren’t very heavy either so they will be easier to transport to university/for other usage.

screen making 3

screen making 2


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