60 – 100 words and image

Below is my 60-100 word write up that has gone onto the Deleuezians of Grandeur website and the brochure that is being printed – with an image of me and my installtion. I chose this image because you cant really see me but it shows I am there and I that I have been a part of the setting up and installment of the installation from day one.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 21.48.46

Influenced by sound and space, Teddy Hunter explores the use of music within naturally decaying buildings. This four film projected installation, Abandoned Symphonies, uses visuals and sound to create a new space within the room. As the audience becomes immersed in field recordings, the visuals of a girl who walks throughout the footage brings the abandoned space back to life using song. By walking in and out of the installation the audiences shadows and noises also becomes a part of the installation. This interaction between audience and installation is what Teddy Hunter wanted to create, where the audience feels like they are also a part of the space.



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