Brochures and Programmes being printed

Broschure Inside

Finally the inside of the brochure is done and the brochure as well as the poster have been sent off to print! They should be ready for Thursday!

For the brochure, at first I was thinking that the inside could be map like – a reference to deleuze – but then, as time was upon us, I decided to go for a layout similar to the United Visual Artist work (archived) page on their website. I looks so simple and sleek and I thought that it would work quite well with the front of the brochure opening up to be a full size A3 poster.

Sadly a few people didn’t get a description to me or David in time. We kept on giving deadlines and at some points I was being very lenient towards people as I really wanted to get them onto the brochure. Another student decided that he didn’t want to be on the poster because he felt he could ‘big himself up’. In the end i gave up in trying to explain that it wasn’t about bigging himself up for people to buy his music but that it was mainly for ourselves and everyone should be able to take home a brochure each to keep with all the acts that performed.

But its all done now and I’m pretty happy with the outcome of the images themselves – I’m just hoping that they come out as well as I hope! We shall see on thursday.


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