Promo – After party at Zerodegrees Cardiff

I really really didn’t want to have the after party in Le Pub or The Marangers or well.. in Newport in general. So after searching around for a venue I finally found Zero Degrees Brewery in Cardiff. At first I tried Urban Taphouse who did orignally say yes and gave me quite a good deal of 100 booking fee but then I get the money back on the night in the form of a tab. Unfortunately that fell through so I then tried another of my favourite bars in Cardiff, 10 Feet Tall, but they were booked up for that weekend. with only a few weeks till the gradshow I made a few decisions on my own accord because nothing was getting done. I’d heard some really good reviews about Zero degrees so I thought I’d give them a shout. The deal with Zero Degrees was that I could have the room for free but had to have food which could be in the form of a buffet. I wasn’t sure if people would go for it but I booked it and was allowed to have 2 weeks before I needed to pay a deposit. The lady there was very understanding of the problem I was in where i wasn’t sure on number or anything but it seemed, after talking to the class, that a lot of people were up for having a buffet type thing as we’d probably all be pretty hungry and tired after the show.

The problems with this though was the money side of things. I wasn’t sure how much to charge everyone as I thought it would be easier to pay for say £350 worth of food instead of everyone paying £17 a head – after talking to the manager at zero degrees, I was able to order less food than the people coming – which turned out to be a good idea as there was soo much food left over – but that could have just been all the salad stuff. I think I was quite fair on how much people should be paying for the after party. £10 for all 3rd years (as it is our after party) then £5 for extras/anyone else. Either way it worked out perfectly and after a lot of nagging managed to make the amount I needed to pay for all the food.

I think I was a little dissapointed that some people complained that it was too expensive to pay £10 but as we had the room for free, was a loud to have music for free and only had to pay for food was a pretty good deal.. but if I’m honest, and I may be a little selfish on this one, but I think that if they didn’t want to be there then it didn’t really matter to me because a part of me wanted have a really good after party and I was fine with paying the amount needed to have it at zero degrees – and so were a lot of the students/staff!  I also felt that the after party was just something for everyone to have one last big party thing together and if you didn’t want to come then it shouldn’t matter, it was just supposed to be a good night with good music and good company and I wasn’t going to force people to come if they didn’t want to. I’m just glad loads of people came. A lot of people were very thankful that it was in cardiff and at a good venue.


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