Cuppa Tea

Originally this idea I was going to use for the Coffee Art Project competition- and I still think it would be a good idea for it. The only thing is, this installation has become very personal to me and the idea of selling this piece of art (if I was to get through to the final stages of the competition) frightens me a little.

This is a project that I would like to base around the idea of sitting round the table, having a cup of coffee/tea/biscuits and talking about our problems.

As of recently I have been battling with depression and want to dedicate this piece of work to the friends who have been there and supported me when I first told about how I was feeling. The installation will feature 10 cups (mugs) that will represent one of these people. The cups will be placed around a round table. The idea to invite people to stand around it and well.. just talk.

After I have finished each cup I would like to individually give each person that they represent their personalised cup as a thank you for their patience and understanding.

The project will also allow me to work in new mediums such as pottery/clay.


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