3D Printing Sound in Ceramics



Looks like someone got there before me! Ah well, this is still pretty cool though!SolidVibrations_05

Ricky van Broekhoven a spatial sound designer and the designer Olivier van Herpt have named the project Solid Vibration. They have used sound to manipulate the movement of the material that is being used to build the ceramic structures by placing speaker under the 3D printing machine. The vibrations and pulses of the rhythmical sounds are ‘imprinted’ into the structure. These beautiful ceramic vessels look a bit like woven baskets and could also be interpreted as sculptures. The exploration that sound is having with solid objects and space is widening vastly. It is fascinating to see where artist, designers (of all sorts), musicians, architects and so on, are taking and exploring this idea!

Watch below to see how its done.




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