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Installation Assessment Review

Review My Installation went much better than expected. I felt that it was all that I could achieve in the amount of time I had. There were only a couple of things that went wrong in the assessment – one of the sounds didn’t quite trigger right in the patch – Emmeline Pankhurst women’s rights […]

Set Ups

This afternoon hasn’t gone as well as planned. Firstly as I got into the room I wasn’t able to create the corridor type atmosphere that I wanted as it just was not possible. But the Project creates a kind of archway so I am going to adapt to this and make it so that the […]

Installation Final Decisions on Sounds and Visuals

My max patch is complete and with this so are the final decisions on the sounds and visuals. The 1950’s cleaning advert is my main starting point – this visual will be repeated at the way through the installation as the viewer walks closure the visual. The reason why I chose this video was because […]

Emergent Tech Installation pre-set ups

So my assessment is tomorrow for my installation project I have been developing over the last semester for the emergent technologies module. As I can’t get into the black box, where I will be for my assessment, to start set ups at the moment I have been designing and sorting out what I will do […]

Research – Margaret Thatcher

I understand that sometimes talking about Margaret Thatcher can be a dodgy subject but I merely want to use her as an example of women in power. No, Margaret Thatcher wasn’t a Feminist. And becoming Prime Minister at the height of the women’s Liberation movement was a big deal for feminist’s – the fact that […]

Development of Final Installation

The development process of my installation has changed quite considerably from my original project pitch. Originally I was just going to use sound to convey my message that in this developed world of technology and equality the fact that there are still firsts for women is still a bit astounding. What I wanted to with […]

Research – Genderist

This is a really interesting video on using the term Genderist instead of the word Feminist.

Final Project Idea’s

So its coming up to the final decisions I need to make and getting my max msp patches all working for my installation for my final assessment. I have only a couple of weeks to get it all finished! At the moment I currently have one ultrasonic sensor. Originally I wanted there to be at […]

Cecile Chaminade

Cecile Chaminade (1857 – 1994) was a French composer and pianist who was the first female composer to be award the Legion d’Honneur in 1913. I’d never heard of her till quit recently. The first time I heard ‘Automne’ I didn’t actually know it was written by a female composer and to be honest I […]

Research and Ideas – Top 10 Sexist Commercials

Although I can admit to knowing nothing about the golden standard other than it is to do with economics and that I do love little kittens but then who these days doesn’t love a good cat video every now and then?! I found this video searching up old commercials of the 1950’s for my research […]